Theme: To present forefront fundamental research and new emerging topics in Nanoscience

Nanoscience Congress

Nanoscience Congress

Global Online Summit on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology invites all the participants across the globe to attend and share their insights and convey recent development technologies and methodologies in the field of Nano Science and Nano Technology follows theme To present forefront fundamental research and new emerging topics in Nanoscience” which will be held on  July 21 - 22, 2021 through Webinar. We are pleased to welcome all scientist, doctors, researches, delegates to attend Nano science Congress.

Specification of Nanoscience Congress:

Nanoscience Congress is one of the rapid growing and most important fields in global research. In order to support this development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, it is important that Nanoscience education is main priority to accelerate research. In this Nano science congress, we discuss present approaches to Nanoscience technology and discover a learning design framework so that to give guidance to the next generation of Nanoscientists. Major among these are the abilities to communicate and to work across and between conventional disciplines. The United States has played major roles in these developments, the global landscape of Nanoscience calls for worldwide attention to this educational need

Who can attend?

Nanoscience Congress  brings together individuals who have an interest in different  aspects  of Nano science and Nano technology, Molecular nanotechnology, Nanometers, Functional  approaches, Biomimetic approaches, speculative, Research and development, Nano electronics,  Health and environmental concerns, Researches  specialists can attend Nano science congress. It is a forum to innovative thinking of mutual concern as well as share our knowledge, share evidence, thoughts, and create solutions.

Why to attend:

This is your exceptional possibility to catch the most beautiful essential assemblage of participants from the Nanotechnology field. Make a hint to innovative trends and take the recoginisation at this 2-days event. Recent upcoming matters in Nano science are the stamp of authentication of this Conference.

Target Audience:

  • Nano Scientist
  • Research Professors
  • Academic Professionals
  • Industrial professionals
  • Toxicologists
  • Nano science Engineers
  • Researchers, Training Institutes

TRACK – 1:  Nano Materials

Nanomaterials analysis receives a materials science-based appeal to nanotechnology, leveraging advances in nanomaterials metrology and synthesis which has been developed by support of micro fabrication research. Materials with structure in the nanoscale often have unique optical, electronic, or mechanical properties.

Industrial Nano Technology Conferences  | Advanced Nano Materials Conferences | Nano technology in tissue Engineering Meetings

TRACK – 2:  Industrial Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is affect the range of consumer goods, specific  products that organize  nanomaterials are already in a variety of items; many of which people do not even recognize  contain nanoparticles, products with novel functions extend from easy-to-clean to remove-resistant. Examples of those car bumpers are made fair, clothing is more stain resistant, sunscreen is more radiation resistant, artificial bones are stronger, cell phone screens are insignificant, glass packaging for drinks leads to a longer shelf-life, and balls for various sports are made tougher. The intelligent systems and new production methods with significant impact for all aspects of society.

Advanced Nano Materials Conferences | Nano technology in tissue Engineering Conferences | Nano Fluid Mechanics Meeting

TRACK – 3: Advanced Nano Materials

The "Advanced Nanomaterials" section is a forum for rapid publication accounts of works regard to the preparation, describes and application of all nanomaterials. The scope of leading Nanomaterials are involved, without being limited to, nanoparticles, Nano catalysts, Nano porous materials, Nano composites, Nano film and nanoscale technologies. The two experimental and theoretical studies will be covered. Also, improvements of novel describe tools that are individually performed for new nanomaterials to study their structural, spectroscopic and other properties are welcome in this section.

Nano technology in tissue Engineering Conferences | Nano Fluid Mechanics Meeting | Computational Nanoscience Conferences

TRACK – 4: Nano technology in tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering is quick expanding scientific area in this era which it will be used to create, repair, and/or restore cells, tissues and organs by using cell and union of cells with biomaterials or biologically active molecules and it helps to bring materials which very much relate to body's native tissue. From tissue engineering present therapies got rotation said and life nature of several millions patient got better. Tissue engineering is the identify teaching between engineering materials science, medicine and biology.

Nano Fluid Mechanics Conferences | Computational Nanoscience Conferences | Colloidal Nano crystals Meeting

TRACK – 5:  Nano Fluid Mechanics

A Nano fluid is a fluid represses Nano meter-sized particles, called nanoparticles. These fluids are engineered colloidal interruption of nanoparticles in a base fluid, Nano fluids have novel properties that make them potentially useful in many aspects in heat transfer, including microelectronics, fuel cells, pharmaceutical processes, and hybrid-powered engines, engine cooling/vehicle thermal management, domestic refrigerator, heat exchanger, in grinding, machining and in boiler flue gas temperature reduction. They display inflate thermal conductivity and the convective heat transfer coefficient balance to the base fluid. Knowledge of the rheological behaviour of Nano fluids is found to be critical in deciding their suitability for convective heat transfer aspects.

Computational Nanoscience Conferences | Colloidal Nano crystals Meeting | Nonlinear Nano-optics Conferences

TRACK – 6:  Computational Nanoscience

Theoretical and computational nanoscience is not only necessary for the description and prediction of Nano systems but also to keep nanoscience under control, just in connection with biological self-assembly. What are the critical parameters in the modelling of Nano systems? It turned out, for example, that Nano systems are in general very sensitive to small variations in the interaction potential between the atoms and molecules, but also the temperature dependence is a critical point. Both parameters (potentials and temperature dependence) have to be treated reliably, but this is often ignored.

Colloidal Nano crystals Conferences | Nonlinear Nano-optics Conferences | Nano fabrication Meeting

TRACK – 7: Colloidal Nano crystals

A colloidal Nano crystal is a particle which is having at least one aspect smaller than 100 nanometres, based on quantum dots (a nanoparticle) and collected of atoms in either a single- or poly-crystalline arrangement. The size of Nano crystals distinguishes them from larger crystals. For example, silicon Nano crystals can provide efficient light emission while bulk silicon does not and may be used for memory components. When implanted in solids, Nano crystals may display much more complex melting behaviour than conventional solid and may form the basis of a special class of solids.

Nonlinear Nano-optics Conferences | Nano fabrication Meeting | Nano Toxicology Conferences

TRACK – 8: Nonlinear Nano-optics

Nonlinear NANO optics (NLO) is the branch of optics that express the behaviour of light in nonlinear media, that is, media in which the diffusion  density P responds non-linearly to the electric field E of the light. The non-linearity is naturally discover only at very high light intensities (values of atomic electric fields, typically 108 V/m) such as those provided by lasers. Above the Schwinger limit, the vacuum itself is look forward to become nonlinear. In nonlinear optics, the placement principle no longer holds.

Nano fabrication Conferences | Nano Toxicology Conferences | Molecular nanotechnology Meeting

TRACK – 9: Nano fabrication

Nano fabrication is either the production of Nano scaled materials, which can be powders or fluids, and the construct of parts "bottom up" from Nano scaled materials or "top down" in smallest steps for high accuracy, used in many technologies such as laser ablation, impression and others. Nano fabrication differs from molecular manufacturing, which is the manufacture of complex, nanoscale structures by means of Non biological mechanic synthesis (and subsequent assembly). The term "Nano fabrication" is generally used, by the European Technology Platform MINAM and the U.S. National Nanotechnology creativity (NNI). The NNI mention to the sub-domain of nanotechnology as one of its five priority areas.

Nano Toxicology Meeting | Molecular nanotechnology Conferences | Nano surgery Conferences

TRACK – 10: Nano Toxicology

Nano Toxicology is study of the toxicity of nanomaterials. As of quantum size consequence and large surface area to volume ratio, nanomaterial’s have individual properties differentiate with their larger counterparts that attack their toxicity. Of the possible hazards, inspiration display appears to present the most concern, with animal studies showing consumptive effects such as heat, fibrosis, and carcinogenicity for some nanomaterials. Skin contact and ingestion submission are also a concern.

Molecular nanotechnology Conferences | Nano surgery Meeting | Nano photonics Conferences

TRACK – 11: Molecular nanotechnology

Molecular nanotechnology is a technology based on the capacity to build structures to compound, atomic identification by means of mechanic synthesis. This is well defined from nanoscale materials. Based on Richard Feynman's observation of miniature factories using Nano machines to make compound products (including additional Nano machines), this new form of nanotechnology (or molecular nano manufacturing) would make use of positional-controlled mechanic synthesis guided by molecular machine systems. MNT would require incorporate physical principles display by biophysics, chemistry, other nanotechnologies, and the molecular machinery of life with the organisation engineering principles establish in modern macro scale factories.

Nano surgery Meeting | Nano photonics Conferences | Nano physics Conferences

TRACK – 12: Nano surgery

Nano surgery is the term that refers to surgery that uses fast laser beams which are focused by an objective microscope lens to exert a controlled force to control organelles and other subcellular composition. This correct technique allows for the felling of a single cell without injure adjacent healthy cells. It permits precise ablation of cellular and subcellular structures without conciliate cell viability and with least damage to nearby cells.

Nano photonics Conferences | Nano physics Meeting | Nano biotechnology & Nano safety Conferences

TRACK – 13: Nano photonics

Nano photonics or Nano-optics is a part of nanotechnology that explore the department of light on Nano meter scales as well as reaction of Nanometer-sized device with light. Nano photonics is also considered the arm of electrical engineering, optics, and optical engineering as well as being a branch of nanotechnology. Nano photonics often includes metallic components that can transport and focus light through surface Plasmon polarities.

Nano physics Conferences | Nano biotechnology & Nano safety Meeting | Nano devices, Nano electronics and Nano sensors Conferences

TRACK – 14: Nano physics

The nanophysics are always halfway between the size of scales and quantum mechanics and macroscopic physics governed by the laws of Newton and Einstein. The correct visibility of nanophysics is the physics of formation and artefacts with extent in the Nanometer range or of phenomena transpire in nanoseconds. Modern physical methods whose foundational are expand in physics laboratories have become critically principal in nanoscience. Nanophysics bring together multiple direction, using theoretical and experimental methods to control the physical effects of materials in the nanoscale size range. Absorbing properties include the structural, electronic, optical, and thermal behaviour of nanomaterials; electrical and thermal conductivity; the forces between nanoscale objects; and the conversion between Latin and quantum behaviour.

Nano biotechnology & Nano safety Conferences | Nano devices, Nano electronics and Nano sensors Meeting | Nanostructured solar cells and thermo electrics Conferences

TRACK – 15: Nano biotechnology & Nano safety

Nano biotechnology, extremely the use of nanoparticles, has made important contributions to drug discovery and development. The multivalued extension of small molecules to nanoparticles can enlarge specific binding empathy and reveal new biological properties of such nanomaterials. Multivalued drug design has yield antiviral and anti-irritant agents several orders of magnitude more potent than monovalent agents. In introduction to the use of Nano biotechnology for drug discovery, some drugs are being developed from nanomaterials. Well-known samples of these are dendrimers, fullerenes, and Nano bodies.

Nano safety is all the safety issues associated with nanotechnology. In spite of the fact that nanotechnology has been around for over 20 years, it is still appraise new technology and with many new technologies, the health effects of nanomaterials have not been thoroughly explore. Accordingly, the uncertainty surrounding the toxicity of nanomaterials merits a cautious approach when working with them. Because of this reason, conference on Nano safety will frequently deal with toxicology, ecotoxicology, exposure assessment, mechanism of interaction, risk assessment and standardisation.

Nano devices, Nano electronics and Nano sensors Conferences | Nanostructured solar cells and thermo electrics Meeting | Applications of Nanotechnology in Corona Virus Diagnosis & Treatment Conferences

TRACK – 16: Nano devices, Nano electronics and Nano sensors

Nano devices based on magnetite functionalized with folic acid  with enhanced properties to be employed as theranostics in various types of cancer are proposed in the following. Two methodologies for FA incorporation were explored aiming to attain appropriate loading efficiency as well as sufficient stability of Nano systems in physiological media. To this end, easy adsorption and covalent binding of FA and some experimental conditions derived from both procedures were studied. A systematic physicochemical characterization was performed using all the formulations.

Nano electronic devices have critical dimensions with a size range between 1 nm and 100 nm. Recent silicon MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor), technology generations are already within this regime, as well as 22 Nanometer CMOS (complementary MOS) nodes and succeeding 14 nm, 10 nm and 7 nm FinFET (fin field-effect transistor) generations. Nano electronics are sometimes review as disorderly technology because present situation the candidates are seriously different from traditional transistors.

Nano sensors are principles with characteristic proportions – Nano meter in scale, and work in much the same way as a sensor; they reveal either minute particles or miniscule expanse of something. “Nano sensors are chemical or mechanical sensors that can be used to reveal the near of chemical species and nanoparticles, or detector physical parameters such as temperature, on the nanoscale.” They find use in medical diagnostic approach, food and water quality sensing, and other chemicals.

Nano physics Meeting | Nanostructured solar cells and thermo electrics Conferences | Applications of Nanotechnology in Corona Virus Diagnosis & Treatment Conferences

TRACK – 17: Nanostructured solar cells and thermo electrics

There is an increasing interest in the construction of hybrid energy scavengers for different harvesting various forms of energies from nature. This minireview narrate the progress that has to date been expert in the development of collective energy harvesting nanostructured solar cells. These hybrid cells can in similar or independently harvest solar, heat, ultrasonic wave, and sound energies. Still the research on the hybrid nanostructured solar cells has been inaugurate very recently, this timely composed minireview should refreshing many more investigators to enter this inspiring field and to push it forward to diverse practical applications.

Nano biotechnology & Nano safety Conferences | Applications of Nanotechnology in Corona Virus Diagnosis & Treatment Meeting | Nano photonics Conferences

TRACK – 18: Applications of Nanotechnology in Corona Virus Diagnosis & Treatment

Nanotechnology and nanomedicine has magnificent potential in trading with a range of several health problems, including viruses, which are considered to be a serious challenge in the medical field. Application of nanobiotechnology could represent a new avenue for the treatment or disinfection of viruses. There is increasing concern regarding the control of coronaviruses, among these, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 are well known and dangerous examples. This article aims to provide an overview of recent studies on the effectiveness of nanoparticles as diagnostic or antiviral tools against coronaviruses.

Nanostructured solar cells and thermo electrics Conferences | Nano biotechnology & Nano safety Meeting | Nano photonics Conferences

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